Greetings to all and welcome to the internet home of author IA Mullin.  Here you can learn more about the Redsands, home of Marilana and her friends.  You can find maps and images not included in the books, read additional stories from the author, and even find where to buy these books.  Additional bonuses including discussing topics with other fans, asking questions of the author and characters, and the occasional giveaway can be reached by joining the Mages of Magewood.  Thank you for coming and enjoy your visit!

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News 08-08-2018


IA Mullin had a great time meeting new people at the Myths and Legends Convention 6/WesterCon 71 in Denver, and at the Eaton Days Arts and Crafts in the Park. Now she is busy gearing up for the Fort Collins Comic Con, August 25-26. She is hoping to have a new map for Redsands, Redsands Book 3 ready to be revealed in Fort Collins. She also wants to let you know that the preliminary images for the Redsands cover are looking very promising! She can’t wait until December to bring all of you the next exciting stage of Marilana and Marquiese’s journey. Until then, Enjoy Life!

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