Magewood News 9-16-2021

Talk about a long year. Its been one drama after another. I know you did not come here to listen to someone else complain about the world problems, so I am not going to say any more about the global issues. You came here to learn about what is going on with my books. Here's the good news: Mystillion, Maefair, and Redsands have not gone anywhere. They are still available for anyone who wishes to escape into Marilana's world. So what about the other stories I keep saying I'm working on? That's the bad news: I'm still working on them. Sorry. I don't have anything ready for publishing yet. I am still working on them, and planning to move a few projects to the front of my work load to start really driving hard on them. You'll just have to bear with me. ;) On a more upbeat note, I am excited to get to go to a live event coming up soon. FurEver West is holding a live convention! I have missed getting out and seeing all the convention goers. I will of course be taking all reasonable precautions, but I know I am not alone in wanting to get back into the swing of events after such a long dry spell. If you attend, make sure to stop by and say Hello!

Furever West, Cheyenne, WY. Sept. 24-26. Check out all the fun at



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