What follows is a Magewood.com Sneak Peek into IA Mullin's novel Mystillion (Redsands Book 1).

Chapter 5 Excerpt


   Marilana perched carefully in the tree with an arrow nocked to her bow.  She had gone out early that morning on her daily patrol armed with her short sword in addition to her normal bow and dagger.  Normally, she would have finished her patrol and reported to Lady Annabella’s estate for sparing practice, but not today.  She had been scouting the forest west of the South Road when she had heard the sharp trill.  She made her way carefully toward the sound, and that’s when she saw the bandit scout, a sleek orange and black tiger, slipping from tree to tree staying in the shadows.  Carefully drawing her bow, Marilana shot the tiger in the neck, dropping him like puppet without strings. 

   Moments later, Child arrived on the scene, and together they hid the body and removed any signs of their presence.

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