Contact: an Ending and a Beginning

© IA Mullin 2017 All rights reserved

Contact: an Ending and a Beginning


By IA Mullin

Aziza Rusticolis sat nervously on a bench at the edge of the city square. She tried to be patient as she waited for Grandfather to finish speaking with the strangers from space. She had seen them as they had entered the Department of Diplomacy building. They had seemed strange with red skin, pointed ears, and black hair. However, she suspected that the red appearance of their skin had been a product of the red supergiant that blessed her world with light, just as it made her violet skin appear black. In the bright white light of the lab, they would probably prove to have pale colored skin.

   Aziza’s world was running out of time. In the near future their sun would die and destroy their planet. These strangers were the first to respond to the diplomats’ pleas for help. Before they would help however, they required a number of volunteers to leave with them. Much to Grandfather’s dismay, Aziza had submitted an application.

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Kira Rattles a Drakon by IA Mullin©
IA Mullin 2016 All rights reserved. 

Kira Rattles a Drakon

A Short Story

By IA Mullin

Kira froze at the edge of the meadow. She knew the forest was dangerous. Everyone in the village said so. There were wild cats and bears, poisonous plants, and other dangers that she could not foresee. There were even drakons, chimera, griffins, and cyclopes, although the adults didn’t believe in them. Still she had come into the forest. Grandmother would be furious if she found out. Grandmother had told Kira not to let the little kitten out of the yard, and if the kitten did get out, not to follow it into the forest. But she had. Rattles was a gift to her from her father, the merchant. She was her best friend and companion. They had to return before nightfall when Grandmother would come home.

   Kira peered around the tree and watched the meadow carefully. She had seen Rattles come this way. She knew open meadows were even more dangerous than the trees. She couldn’t see anything moving, so very slowly, Kira took a step out of the trees into the tall grass. A deep growl shook the forest, seeming to emanate from the very ground. Kira clutched her chiton, trying to still her frightened trembling.

   Slowly Kira turned and looked around the small field. Still nothing moved. No deer, no bears, no big cats. Not a hare or any birds. Even the insects had stilled. She took a step forward, and when the growl did not come again, she took another. Her only wish was to find her kitten and hurry back home.

   A slight movement caused Kira to stop and look closely at the huge rock pile by the stream. An eye stared back. An enormous, poisonous green eye. A full grown Drakon’s eye.

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