Magewood News 6-22-2022

Finally the dry spell is coming to an end. Conventions are back on for the summer of 2022. I am so excited to be able to take my books out and speak to new and old fans. This July I will be traveling to Anthro Weekend Utah in Layton, UT. It has been cancelled the past two years, and I have been so disappointed. I cannot wait to see what this convention will bring. Later in August I will again be in Fort Collins for the Fort Collins Comic Con which is always so much fun. Come and join me if you can! I can’t wait to see everyone again!


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Magewood News 9-16-2021

Talk about a long year. Its been one drama after another. I know you did not come here to listen to someone else complain about the world problems, so I am not going to say any more about the global issues. You came here to learn about what is going on with my books. Here's the good news: Mystillion, Maefair, and Redsands have not gone anywhere. They are still available for anyone who wishes to escape into Marilana's world. So what about the other stories I keep saying I'm working on? That's the bad news: I'm still working on them. Sorry. I don't have anything ready for publishing yet. I am still working on them, and planning to move a few projects to the front of my work load to start really driving hard on them. You'll just have to bear with me. ;) On a more upbeat note, I am excited to get to go to a live event coming up soon. FurEver West is holding a live convention! I have missed getting out and seeing all the convention goers. I will of course be taking all reasonable precautions, but I know I am not alone in wanting to get back into the swing of events after such a long dry spell. If you attend, make sure to stop by and say Hello!

Furever West, Cheyenne, WY. Sept. 24-26. Check out all the fun at



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Magewood News 7-2-2019

It’s that time of year again! IA Mullin had a great time at the Northern Colorado Writers convention at the beginning of May and is feeling empowered and excited for the busy summer schedule of conventions. First up is the annual Eaton Days Arts and Crafts Fair in the Park on Saturday July 13 from 10am-3pm. A new event for this year’s schedule is Denfur, a Furry convention in Denver. IA is hoping to be making an appearance August 2-4, but has not yet received confirmation. More information will be coming soon about Denfur. It is sad to say that this is the last year of MalCon Denver, IA attended this convention for the first time last year, and now must say goodbye as the convention will no longer be held. Instead of a vendor table, IA Mullin is attending MalCon as a panelist on August 9-11. More information will be coming on these panels as the time gets closer. IA will once again be attending Fort Collins Comic Con August 17-18. FOCOCC is always an enjoyable couple of days surrounded by lovers of many fandoms. It should be a great summer with all three books of the Redsands series available. Please stop by and say hello if you can!

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Magewood News 8-17-2020

Greetings! It has been a long time since I have posted any news, I have been busy with many projects, some of which you will get to see in the near future. (No new books yet, sorry.) I am glad to announce that I have redesigned and now also have an online store! Please feel free to check them out! To all those fans of Fort Collins Comic Con, I hope you enjoy the 2020 virtual con. I will be working hard on my projects, so please keep checking in to see what’s new and hopefully improved!

FC3 2020 Retro square

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 Magewood News 11-27-2018

Redsands cover V3 front


It's here! Redsands, Redsands Book 3 is finished and available December 7, 2018. Pre-order it now to get it in time for the holiday season. If you want to get a signed copy, join us at the Eaton Library January 18, 2019 from 3-5 pm. Also in honor of reaching the end of Marilana and Marquiese's journey, Mystillion ebook will be on sale for a limited time for Kindle and Nook. Thanks so much for reading and watch for new projects to come in the next few years as IA moves on to new adventures!

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